Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Final Exam

It is only about 3 weeks before final exam. I feel the passion now. I very afraid to took the test bcoz I do not like too much about it. Everyday the times is running out,it makes me really nervous bcoz it has coming in a few week. So,wish me luck n I wish you luck too to whom will having the final exam too. Try our best k......

 Oil Palm 

Before I'm continuing my study to UiTM Puncak Alam,I am worker in oil palm. Almost everyday I see oil palm n it bcame part of my life. I work like this bcoz I more like doing a job out door. I know that it is heavy work but that I want. I love doing a job that challenges my physical n mental. Now,I miss my job but I dont whether it true or not.


Now,I mention that I never post about my family. I think I worst bcoz I almost forgot about it. So,the truth is I miss my family. I miss watching football with my father,miss to interrupt my mother while her doing a job,miss to play futsal with my brothers and miss to bullying my sister. It seems that I want to back home just now. I dont know why but that I feel. To my family, I miss you all. But most important is Father And Mother,I love You. . . . . .

 PERKOM is "Pertandingan Kawad Beruniform". This is my first time involving in 'berkawad. Before this,I always escape when I knew that kawad will be handled while in school. Early,before training is being held,I dont want to join this thing because I think I just waste my time but it is wrong. I feel that joining this thing make enjoy the kawad. When I join the training,I'm happy bcoz I got new frendz n i got new important thing. At the day of competititon,I'm really nervous bcoz that is my first time joining the kawad competition. I just want to perform the best for the competition. I feel happy bcoz I have finish the task and more happy when my platun which is from Kompeni L got the 3rd place. So,my team celebrate it althought we cannot got the 1st place.

Monday, 3 December 2012

What you can see. ?

From this I can see a baby,a dog,a cat and a mouse. I shock that how this can happen. The thing that always I think is:how the baby do that. ? Why dog and cat do not fight to each other. ?Why cat do not eat that mouse. ? Do you think so. ? Only you can answer it. So,let answered it.
Impossible Is Nothing

What I can see here is,this baby cannot  lift that burden. But for me,anything can happen. So,if my spirit is down, I will see this picture. Even though it only a picture but it is goo enough for me to take back my spirit.
Soft Skills Semester 1

This soft skills in two day and very sad bcoz it conducted on weekend which was for to attend this thing. On Saturday,it start with a weak body bcoz I'm sleepy. All the activities that conducted by fasilitators did not entertaining for me. I filled so bored at that day from morning to evening. It likes I get nothing on the first day.

While for the second day,without any spirit to entered the class at the morning have change to full of spirit after that. There were more interesting activities conducted. It seem that I enjoyed the activities. The momentum of that spirit permanently until the last second of that they. So,at second the I got something new to used in future.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

 This game make me insane. I dont know why but if I dont play it once per day,i can't sleep. I feel not well. So, I always play it before study to release my tension. It oweys help me to cool,so that i can focus my study after finish my game. But,I oweys play lonely bcos i can't find more frendz. Playing dota more interesting if we play with 10 people. While I'm taking my STPM,my frendz and I oweys played together,and we called it as specific is GENGBENG.

Defense Of The Ancient

My Favourite Hero


If you know this song.All of you know about it isn't it.but this song has evolved know. You want know it. Let song together. Hehehehehe......

Tepuk amai-amai,,,,,
Belalang kupu-kupu,,,,
Tepuk adeq pandai,,,,,
Mama upah susu......
Susu lemaq manis,,,,
Santan kelapa muda,,,,,
adeq jangan nangis,,,,
mama main FACEBOOK.....
Okay,that all. TQ.....


Malaysian Must Know

My family oweys told me that where ever you are you must respect other people. All of my family trust that. Respect will save you. Without any respect you might face problem. You will hard to get help from other people. So,I oweys remember myself that I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE BLACK,WHITE,SHORT,TALL,SKINNY,FAT,RICH OR POOR,IF YOU RESPECT ME,I'LL RESPECT YOU. YEAH.....


Now,I have new frendz. I'm glad bcoz  all of them caring to each other. Even we know not longer but we now like a family. But I never forget my old frendz. Maybe I didn't contact them,but I really miss them. I'm jelEs bcos the only continued they study at Sarawak but not like me. To all my frendz I LOVE YOU.....


In my village,we called 'merewang' as 'berebong'. At this time,all of boy and girl will come out from house. So,this time we can talk to each and make noise sound as we want bcoz no want will angry to us. Everybody have they owm work,so as long as job done,we'll being scolded. That the bes time to enjoy.

yeah. .here they come.

This was ibadah korban that I joined this year. Even the place was different but they still invited stranger like me. They did not know who I am but they still trusted me to do work. They show me a spirit to do the ibadah korban. So,they was no different at my place.

This year,I'm celebrating raya haji at Ampang and Shah Alam but not at my kampong,Kampong Gedong. Many weird thing I see while beraya at here b'coz at my village,there something diferrent way celebrate raya haji. Same thing that I always do is at morning I go to pray in Shah Alam. After pray,there are some dish that everyone will it which at my kampong,we never do that. The,I met my uncle,so I feel like at my kampong.

At evening,I went to ampang which there were open house from person whom same village with me.At that house,there are many person who came from my village. So,at that house I can speak Sarawak anytime I want. And there some delicious food which was "import " from my village. Thus,I very full that day bcoz always eat. The day after that I went back to Shah Alam n then back to Puncak Alam.
First Time

One of my dream is touch and see the KLCC while I'm still at kampong. When I continue my study at UITM Puncak Alam,my dream is nearly to become true but I dont know when I will go to KL. That day before we having a honey moon or holiday, my frendz and I have decided to go to KL. They said we will overnight KL. First,I'm hepy b'coz I gonna go to KL but they said we will go downtown at Cheras. So,I'm not to happy with that. But after overnight,at morning,I suprsed that my frendz bring me to KLCC which is de place I really want to go. So,KLCC was in front of me. I'm very happy. At last my dreams came true and tq a loa to my frendz, .. . .
In front KLCC

Behind KLCC

Friday, 23 November 2012

Best Moment

My name is Amri Ambari. I'm Sarawakian and I am a STPM leavers. At kampong,I always said that when I'll go to Semenanjong Malaysia and when I will take the aeroplane or the Sarawakian kol it "BELON". After I get my STPM result,I'm said because I think that I cannot continue my study but I very happy b'coz I can continue my study and it just like dream comes true when I notice that I will continue my study at Semenanjong. So,I will remembered that September 1st,2012 is the day that I came to Semenanjong and my first time "NAIT BELON". I will never forget that.


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Nike CTR360

Today,I'm going to Kompleks PKNS. Initially,I only go there for a walk to release my stress but when I see this sport's shop,I have change my mind. I have decided to buy new futsal shoes. When I enter the shop, I see that there is a few shoes. There is no shoes that make me interested to buy it in that shop. So, I went to Al-Ikhsan's shop in Plaza Alam Sentral which nearby the Kompleks PKNS. I found that there is a pairs of shoes which make me falling in love with it. That shoes called NIKE CTR 360.

Nice Patern

My favorite colour

At last,I have buy one of my favorite shoes. So,after this we will see another shoes. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Putra World Trade Centre

Lan Berambeh At Putra World Trade Centre

and again

3 stuggies

Handsome boy
I have found them in a program called Lan Berambeh And Career Drives at PWTC.It has been long time I never saw them until we met again in this program.All the pictures have been taken at PWTC.It become more interesting when I can saw Hafis.Noh Hujan.Miss Nina,Zee Avi with my eyes.I never thought that I will happen on that night.So,it not only I met my friend but I saw the famous singer in Malaysia.