Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Final Exam

It is only about 3 weeks before final exam. I feel the passion now. I very afraid to took the test bcoz I do not like too much about it. Everyday the times is running out,it makes me really nervous bcoz it has coming in a few week. So,wish me luck n I wish you luck too to whom will having the final exam too. Try our best k......

 Oil Palm 

Before I'm continuing my study to UiTM Puncak Alam,I am worker in oil palm. Almost everyday I see oil palm n it bcame part of my life. I work like this bcoz I more like doing a job out door. I know that it is heavy work but that I want. I love doing a job that challenges my physical n mental. Now,I miss my job but I dont whether it true or not.


Now,I mention that I never post about my family. I think I worst bcoz I almost forgot about it. So,the truth is I miss my family. I miss watching football with my father,miss to interrupt my mother while her doing a job,miss to play futsal with my brothers and miss to bullying my sister. It seems that I want to back home just now. I dont know why but that I feel. To my family, I miss you all. But most important is Father And Mother,I love You. . . . . .

 PERKOM is "Pertandingan Kawad Beruniform". This is my first time involving in 'berkawad. Before this,I always escape when I knew that kawad will be handled while in school. Early,before training is being held,I dont want to join this thing because I think I just waste my time but it is wrong. I feel that joining this thing make enjoy the kawad. When I join the training,I'm happy bcoz I got new frendz n i got new important thing. At the day of competititon,I'm really nervous bcoz that is my first time joining the kawad competition. I just want to perform the best for the competition. I feel happy bcoz I have finish the task and more happy when my platun which is from Kompeni L got the 3rd place. So,my team celebrate it althought we cannot got the 1st place.

Monday, 3 December 2012

What you can see. ?

From this I can see a baby,a dog,a cat and a mouse. I shock that how this can happen. The thing that always I think is:how the baby do that. ? Why dog and cat do not fight to each other. ?Why cat do not eat that mouse. ? Do you think so. ? Only you can answer it. So,let answered it.
Impossible Is Nothing

What I can see here is,this baby cannot  lift that burden. But for me,anything can happen. So,if my spirit is down, I will see this picture. Even though it only a picture but it is goo enough for me to take back my spirit.
Soft Skills Semester 1

This soft skills in two day and very sad bcoz it conducted on weekend which was for to attend this thing. On Saturday,it start with a weak body bcoz I'm sleepy. All the activities that conducted by fasilitators did not entertaining for me. I filled so bored at that day from morning to evening. It likes I get nothing on the first day.

While for the second day,without any spirit to entered the class at the morning have change to full of spirit after that. There were more interesting activities conducted. It seem that I enjoyed the activities. The momentum of that spirit permanently until the last second of that they. So,at second the I got something new to used in future.