Saturday, 13 October 2012

Nike CTR360

Today,I'm going to Kompleks PKNS. Initially,I only go there for a walk to release my stress but when I see this sport's shop,I have change my mind. I have decided to buy new futsal shoes. When I enter the shop, I see that there is a few shoes. There is no shoes that make me interested to buy it in that shop. So, I went to Al-Ikhsan's shop in Plaza Alam Sentral which nearby the Kompleks PKNS. I found that there is a pairs of shoes which make me falling in love with it. That shoes called NIKE CTR 360.

Nice Patern

My favorite colour

At last,I have buy one of my favorite shoes. So,after this we will see another shoes. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Putra World Trade Centre

Lan Berambeh At Putra World Trade Centre

and again

3 stuggies

Handsome boy
I have found them in a program called Lan Berambeh And Career Drives at PWTC.It has been long time I never saw them until we met again in this program.All the pictures have been taken at PWTC.It become more interesting when I can saw Hafis.Noh Hujan.Miss Nina,Zee Avi with my eyes.I never thought that I will happen on that night.So,it not only I met my friend but I saw the famous singer in Malaysia.