Wednesday, 28 November 2012


This year,I'm celebrating raya haji at Ampang and Shah Alam but not at my kampong,Kampong Gedong. Many weird thing I see while beraya at here b'coz at my village,there something diferrent way celebrate raya haji. Same thing that I always do is at morning I go to pray in Shah Alam. After pray,there are some dish that everyone will it which at my kampong,we never do that. The,I met my uncle,so I feel like at my kampong.

At evening,I went to ampang which there were open house from person whom same village with me.At that house,there are many person who came from my village. So,at that house I can speak Sarawak anytime I want. And there some delicious food which was "import " from my village. Thus,I very full that day bcoz always eat. The day after that I went back to Shah Alam n then back to Puncak Alam.

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